Meet Steffi

2020 Speaker Spotlights! It’s a series dedicated to the OG Black Igniters who spoke at our inaugural event in August. Amidst a pandemic, unemployment, racial upheaval and a critical election, 30 brilliant people shared stories of transitions and triumphs as Black designers in America. Hear what the event meant to them and what everybody is up to now.


Steffi Reyes-Thomas WELL AP, LEED Green Associate, is the Founder & Chief of Holistic-Spaces Design Consultancy. She resides in San Diego, California and she deeply values sustainability and wellness within the built-environment. As an advocate for healthy, design & construction Steffi understands that the well-being of employees directly impacts the bottom line of businesses. Given her background in sustainability and experience in interior architecture she is highly qualified for the future of interiors.

Steffi helped us bring Black Designers Ignite to life! She was the the first to sign up to speak back in July, reaching out even before the submission page was live. From those first interactions I knew Steffi was a woman on a mission.

Her visual style is..

it’s Harmonious,
it’s Sophisticated

She loves local music. She’s vegan af (guilty pleasures being cheese, tres leeches, Carniatas in Mexico) and she says that secretly, she’s a bombshell in the kitchen too.

“I can cook really tasty Asian-inspired food.”

This woman transitioned full on during the making of Black Ignite 2020, not only did Steffi help design the event, she simultaneously launched her own brand!

Peep some of that beautiful new brand in her ignite talk below. She drew in the audience with some smooth jazz music and walked us through her experiences as a Black Latina designer creating her own new niche in Holistic Design.

What a talk! I asked Steffi to describe Black Designers Ignite in three words, she described the event as: STEADY, POWER, ENLIGHTENING.

“The highlight is the people I got to know. That’s my favorite part. Now we are all working together to build bigger and better!”

If you did a spin off event for Black Designers Ignite, what would the theme be or what design challenge would you throw out there for folks to dig into?A festival experience in conjunction with Afropunk or SXSW complete with interactive/informational booths, live music, and work on display with an anti-competition vibe.

Tea House Installation. In collaboration with Enchanted Strands. Built for exclusive, traditional tea services by Hana Pepin. Photographer: Randy Sleem. San Diego, California 8/20.  

I also asked what transitions she’s gone through since we last saw her, turns out, she turned 30! “There’s no dancing around that, arguably it’s the biggest transition.” I feel real truth to that. Remembering my own transition from 29 to 30, it’s a huge life moment most of us take to heart. So on that note, what is she doing now?

Steffi is growing into entrepreneurship and currently designing her brand, Holistic Spaces. Black Ignite served as a huge catalyst for her to get this off the ground and we are loving all the work she’s putting out! Be sure to check out Holistic Spaces on Instagram!

Right now I am working on getting that dream job and establishing my business. I want to do more talks. I am the Co-chair of the Greenbuild 2020 Legacy Project at Olivewood Gardens in National City, CA and now booking speaking engagements.”

Come 2021, what would be the perfect scenario or project for you? I want to work with ANFA and I want to design wellness centers and health focused studios.

Book Steffi Reyes-Thomas for your next speaking event! Visit to book or email her at Don’t forget to follow her at @stafirre on Insta.

Here’s her Linkedin profile.

Thanks for supporting Black designers.. today, tomorrow, always!

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