We are a collective of designers from coast to coast who came together in 2020 to ignite change and bring unity. We celebrate the Black experience and challenge the status quo.

Steffi Reyes-Thomas
2021 Event MC!

Steffi believes that a truly sustainable approach to design must contribute to the evolution of human consciousness. She creates original spaces that are deeply personal. Her expertise lies in combining the best aspects of sustainability, wellness, aesthetic and functionality within the built environment.

Steffi Reyes-Thomas, Founder & Chief, was an early adopter of the  International WELL Building Institute as a WELL AP. She is a Black-Chicana Woman who has been practicing sustainable interior architecture both here in San Diego and in Chicago. She seeks to make Holistic Design accessible to a diverse clientele with the utmost respect to delicate environmental and ecological factors.

Ash Level
Creative, Community partner!

Creative director with an entrepreneurial spirit. Inspired by the creative journey, community, and relationships.

Ash believes that we cannot rely on a non-inclusive, performative ad industry for change. Looking for funding, partnerships, and resources to build Presence to its full potential with the goal to create a workplace that embodies the world we want to live in, instead of replicating this one.

“I am all the buzz words these corporations performatively use.”

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Heatherlee Nguyen
Community / Events / Ops!

Heatherlee Nguyen (she/her) is a mom and designer living in St. Paul, MN working at the intersection of UX & Service Design. She’s passionate about empathy building, workshopping and co-creating with the people she designs for. Heatherlee is currently Creative Director of UX at Optum (UHG). In 2020 she launched Black Designers Ignite and is committed to amplifying the platform to celebrate Black Excellence in design and ignite public speaking.  

Heatherlee volunteers for various organizations committed to restorative justice and currently serves as Board Chair of a startup for women of color in tech, Femmecubator. 

Jess McKenzie
Creative, Community partner!

Creative problem solving via design is what fuels my fire. My portfolio includes photography, web and logo design work for small businesses and non-profit organizations across Metro-Detroit.

Samples of my writing can be found on my blog The Creative Armory.

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Nana Achampong
Creative, Community partner!

I am a passionate individual who is looking forward to developing and growing more within the non-profit and art + design community. Everywhere I go I bring a smile, a sense of motivation, and positive energy.

“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.” – Alice Morse Earle.

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Lauren Sloan
Creative, Collaborator / Community!

I am an optimistic and disciplined designer who works well under pressure. I love designing in a way that sticks. I believe it’s important to include details where and when they are needed.

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Zariah Cameron
Speaker, Community Partner!

I am an optimistic and disciplined designer who works well under pressure. I love designing Zariah Cameron is a Senior Graphic Design student, at North Carolina A&T State University, pursuing a career in UX Design. She enjoys working on projects that relate to amplifying the voices & stories of underrepresented minorities, specifically the black community. She aims to create design concepts that are meant to impact the community and solve problems that would better people’s lives. She is also the founder of the AEI Design Program, an initiative that provides resources and virtual events to prep Black design college students, for the industry.