Speak on it! Sponsors

Thank you to our generous sponsors for supporting Black Ignite and donating to our December 13th, Speak on it Event! Black moms + Allies in Action. Thanks to these brands, we can pay each of our speakers and volunteers behind the scenes. We appreciate you and all you do!


Minneapolis, MN

Our Speak on it Sponsor
thanks to Soojin Pate!

Demographics are changing and employers are faced with new workforce challenges every day. Many of these challenges are centered around diversity, equity & inclusion. Strategic Diversity Initiatives is a certified LGBTQ – and minority-owned (certification in progress) consulting firm with 25 years of experience providing world class education and consultation around diversity, equity & inclusion. We are adept at assessing an organization’s strengths and challenges and tailoring our approach to fit your organization’s history, context, and goals. Our approach is collaborative, transparent, and strategic. We can help you create and implement a plan to move forward in ways that are comprehensive, enduring, and connected to your core mission


Minneapolis, MN

Our Podcast Partner
thanks to Hannah Carney!

Introducing the Antiracist Parenting Podcast™! Founded and hosted by two of our 12/13 speakers SooJin + Hannah.

“We are SooJin Pate and Hannah Carney, two parents who are committed to raising antiracist children and being antiracist ourselves. We are deeply committed to this work and want to build a community that will help parents and caretakers gain confidence in raising a generation of antiracist kids by talking with kids about race, racism, white supremacy, and what it means to be an antiracist. We’re coming to you not as experts but as parents who want to share our missteps and successes in raising antiracist children in the hopes that others will do the same. We are learning with you, answering your questions and highlighting a variety of amazing guests who will help us expand our thinking.  We all play an important role in making our world more equitable in our spheres of influence. Thank you for joining us!”

Our vision is creating an antiracist world for ourselves, our children, and future generations to come.

Our mission is to..

  • To raise a generation of antiracist leaders
  • To build a community of antiracist parents and caretakers
  • To provide parents and caretakers with the knowledge and tools to support children in developing an antiracist identity
  • To provide a space where parents and caretakers can process their successes and missteps in trying to be antiracist parents/caretakers
  • To curate a courageous, vulnerable, experimental space where parents and caretakers can speak frankly about the joys and challenges of being on the antiracist parenting/caretaking journey


Detroit, MI

Our Community Partner
thank you Jess McKenzie!

Designers need a way to build a creative tribe and stay current with art related news and events. The Creative Armory is an ever-growing hub for design resources, music, and interviews from creative entrepreneurs.


Our Community Partner
thank you for all you do!

Jessica Oddi is a freelance graphic designer with a physical disability. She focuses on accessible design, and inclusive work for much needed representation. On the side Jess co-runs @TheDisabledLife with her sister Lianna. Where they document the perks and jerks of being disabled.

Thank you to the following people for helping behind the scenes, and for donating to this special end of the year event.

Patience Woolridge
Nana Aukoso
Jess McKenzie
Harold Abrams
Jessica Oddi