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On Sunday, Dec. 13, 2020 is our 1st Black Moms We Love SPEAK ON IT! event. It’s free, but we’d appreciate donations.

The Black moms we love ❤️ series will live on past 2020.. We will keep inviting Black moms in business, Black mom creators, daughters and sons of Black moms all who want to speak on it, ignite style! It’s about honoring Black moms, hearing from them, speaking about them, and connecting our community to their work. There is so much greatness going on that doesn’t always gets seen, this is the place to celebrate the beautiful, diverse work and lives of the Black moms we know and love. We hope you’ll join us! And if you can’t we hope you’ll consider donating to the event.

This collage was created with an expanded view of motherhood in mind, as it shows famous mothers but also those we don’t know.. young women, women who are not yet mothers, or may never be, biologically. To be a mother is beyond biology and it looks many different ways, to many of us. And that matters. It is motherly love that’s always giving back to the rest of us, be that the work of a teacher or doctor, lawyer or performer, official or creator, auntie, foster parent or best friend.. To those black moms we love ❤️ changing laws, marching, feeding our families, making, writing, healing, and using their platforms.. this is for you!

Artist statement:
“As a mom I cannot overlook 2 hard truths from this year; When George Floyd cried out for his mama, and when Breonna Taylor tweeted that she wanted to become a mom this year. It’s heartbreaking on all levels.. And I am forever inspired by the hearts, minds & actions of all these Black women making a difference now, then and as we transition to the future.

This collage celebrates Black Girl Magic on all fronts.. it features the Black women who brought it this year! It was created using 2020 magazine clippings from stories such as, “The Most Influential People of 2020” The women, the moms, the Black activists who are fighting for the culture, not just this year but many have dedicated their lives to this. Truthfully, many more collages can and should be made to show the love to all the Black moms changing our world.

I hope that you will hang this in your office, meditation or artistic space and feel the power of their greatness radiating back
.. 🔥

❤️ -Heatherlee Nguyen, Black Ignite Founder & Allies in Action 12/13 speaker

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“We live in a country where we have the freedom to criticize elected officials. And it’s ridiculous that some people think the simple phrase “Protect Black women” is controversial. We deserve to be protected as human beings.”

Megan thee stallion
Thanks for joining us on Sunday, December 13th! If you missed it, you can Watch the replay.